Why Do Experts Say Regular Vacuuming is The Key to Healthy Carpet Cleaning?

Performing carpet cleaning by vacuum seems like a very easy task to perform and many times actually it is. But you might be shocked at how much more effective it can be if you consider and follow a few simple steps that so many people forget.

Why Do Experts Say Regular Vacuuming is The Key to Healthy Carpet Cleaning?

First of all, properly check the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. Whether it has an extension to reach the corner or a large unit that rolls around the floor, the suction opening can quickly collect a lot of dust and hair caught in its bristles and spokes.

If you want to collect more unwanted particles from your carpet, keep this end of the vacuum cleaner free from dirt and obstruction, or else, the dust and hair will get deeper into the fiber of the carpet – which is exactly the opposite of what you want.

The other thing you need to keep watch is the overfilling of the bag in the dust collection chamber. Yes, removing this is definitely the least fun part of the whole process.  Besides that, if you do not do on a regular basis the vacuum cleaner will gradually lose its capability to collect the dust and you’ll simply end up transferring it from room to room. How often should you vacuum clean your carpet? Twice a week, don’t put it off either!


Move your furniture and rugs to keep the color of your carpet even

It takes lots of effort to move an armchair, large sofa, or rugs around the room. But if you’ve got the space to do so we highly recommend you do it. The issue with keeping all this stuff in the same position for months on end is that the carpet will fade out unevenly. A slight fading is entirely natural, this is just what happens when natural light containing UV rays falls directly upon a surface.

Normally this fading is subtle enough to be invisible. But if a large piece of furniture has been shielding the carpet for many months; the change may appear more pronounced. This can be especially frustrating if you’ve just paid for a new carpet. Moving things around a little will prevent this.

Use a fabric protector to protect your carpet from spills

One of the great things you can do to protect your carpet is to apply some sort of fabric or stain prevention treatment over it. You can look for a fabric protection service, which should be applied after cleaning your carpet if you wish. There are many options on the market.

This treatment creates a microscopic layer of protection for your carpet. Likewise, you can also use it on sofas, chairs and other upholstered furniture. The microscopic layer can hardly be noticed. But if applied perfectly will resist and offend liquid spills long enough for them to be cleaned up. Therefore, it protects your carpet from marks and stains.

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